North Coast Environmental Law Office

California’s environmental law landscape changes constantly and so do its economics and land uses. Business operations on the North Coast in particular have unique and evolving legal issues and needs as change progresses. The North Coast Environmental Law Office works with clients, government agencies, private enterprises and community organizations to promote creative and sound environmental resource management amidst complex and shifting demands. We assist in developing effective strategies to navigate and master our ever-changing legal system. We also work to resolve disputes of many forms involving environmental impacts of many types.

What Can We Do For You?

The goal of the office is to attain legal stability for clients’ business operations, and to resolve all environmental and related issues as needed. The objective is to achieve pragmatic, sustainable results in a cost-effective and balanced manner. The office works according to the client’s situation and needs. The firm’s clientele recognize the value of having an effective, workable regulatory system fitting the North Coast’s unique attributes, businesses, and land uses. The North Coast Environmental Law Office supports attaining that result through zealous client advocacy.