About Paul Hagen

Paul currently serves on the Executive Committee of the State Bar of California’s Environmental Law Section, beginning in 2007. His public service specializes in creating high-level public interest education and informed participation in civic life. Through the State Bar he has produced five full-day “Your Voice, Your Future” public interest law conferences on the North Coast, each specifically tailored to its unique environmental issues and solutions. Paul’s intent in forming each conference has been to bring the highest quality, most current information on environmental law, science and policy from advanced professionals to the local public in a low-cost, social setting conducive to the individuals’ self education in the public interest. He believes this empowers the intelligent creativity needed to bend the future to meet local needs in our increasingly complex world. This builds strong and successful community.

Paul’s current pro bono activities also include serving on the City of Arcata Planning Commission since 2007. In addition to teaching environmental law courses at universities and guest lecturing, he served for years in the local Teen Court program. He played in the Humboldt Crabgrass Band for over a decade and has been a respectable triathlete since before then. In recent years he is pursuing playing steel drums in the HSU Calypso Band and repenique in Samba D’Alegria, with results as sincere as but much less impressive than his lawyering.

Career Synopsis

Paul Hagen is a North Coast-based environmental lawyer with over twenty-five years experience in environmental and related fields of law. Paul began his career in 1989, working as an Environmental Analyst in California’s largest law firm, serving in the Environment, Health and Safety regulatory compliance practice group. He also began his pro bono work with the State Bar and his professional teaching at this time.

In 1995 he became an environmental prosecutor, serving in four North Coast California counties for over eleven years where he investigated, filed, and settled or litigated environmental enforcement and unfair business competition cases as a deputy district attorney. During this time Paul organized and led multi-agency task forces in each county, and taught environmental compliance and enforcement classes across California to federal, state and local agency personnel. He entered local private practice in Eureka in 2006, beginning public agency work as city attorney and district counsel, as well as serving private clients. From 2011 to 2015 Paul worked from Humboldt County for a Central Valley-based, statewide environmental law practice, opening the North Coast Environmental Law Office in 2015. He has continued his pro bono work throughout.

State Bar Conferences

Paul has overseen several “Your Voice, Your Future,” state bar conferences on the North Coast. You can find information about those conferences in these downloadable PDFs.