Our Clients

Paul’s private party clients have included individuals and companies ranging from small businesses with very manageable problems to large corporations with extended multi-party industrial sites requiring complex case resolution. He has practiced environmental law in federal and state courts, with clients in the dry cleaning, metal plating, gas station, trucking, drinking water, petrochemical and cannabis production industries. Cases include federal and state superfund litigation and cost recovery, soil and groundwater remediation, stormwater pollution, cannabis cultivation defense and remediation, and natural resource damage and restoration including water rights, quality and supply. He has defended clients in local environmental prosecutions, civil and criminal, brought by the district attorney as well as by private prosecutor.

Public Agency Clients

Public agency clients have included the City of Trinidad, City of Blue Lake (City Attorney), the City of Eureka (deputy city attorney), and the Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District (Counsel), as well as contract work for the Humboldt County Office of County Counsel (deputy county counsel). Issues addressed in this public service include medical marijuana (Prop. 215), land use, water rights, and tribal rights, in addition to the typical, broad-based public counsel workload.