Practice Area Range and Expertise

In the last twenty-five years Paul has worked primarily in the fields of environmental law, administrative law, public agency law, regulatory compliance, natural resources remediation and restoration, and criminal and civil litigation. The arc of his career has been multi-agency environmental regulatory compliance in all its forms. As a North Coast Environmental Circuit Prosecutor he litigated both civil and criminal cases to juries in four counties, successfully pioneering a multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional approach everywhere. Paul’s cases as a prosecutor involved issues of water pollution, air pollution, hazardous waste transportation and disposal, dumping, grading, pesticides, sewage, mining, streambed alterations, forest practices, natural resource damages, Native American sites, worker health and safety, unfair business practices and more, under all pertinent laws both civil and criminal.

As a private attorney Paul’s environmental expertise spans the areas of multi-statute permitting, compliance, remediation, and litigation. Related areas of his expertise include administrative law hearings, water rights, land use and real estate law. His pro bono public education activities continue to address the ever-developing edges of California’s environmental laws, programs and policies, tuned to the North Coast. Paul’s particular expertise includes permitting and licensing, and the resolution of multi-statute environmental violations alleged by the government or private parties.

MMRSA’s unique needs, Our skill set

California’s brand-new Medical Marijuana Regulatory and Safety Act (MMRSA) takes effect January 1st, 2016, and will evolve until 2018. This brings great uncertainty to the cannabis production community. Meeting the ever-shifting requirements of this regulatory roll-out as they arrive requires an inside understanding of all levels of agency permitting and enforcement decision-making. The breadth of Paul’s work as a multi-county prosecutor and public agency counsel addressing such issues with environmental agencies provides this understanding, enabling effective assistance to clients’ needs in meeting the MMRSA’s impacts at the state and all local levels.

Paul’s skill sets in navigating the MMRSA’s requirements specifically address Cannabis Licensing, Site Remediation, Enforcement Defense, and Regulatory Compliance. His long and varied public law experience, coupled with years of local and statewide private practice, give him an unparalleled perspective into all levels of governmental workings.

His career-long dedication to pro bono service both local and statewide tie him to communities near and far. As an advisor, negotiator, litigator and community servant of many years, Paul’s advice is unique, wide-ranging and invaluable.